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AI in Real Estate: Prospects, Challenges & Future Directions

With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the real estate industry encounters monumental opportunities for growth and inherent risks to consider during this technological evolution. This report dissects the informative conversation from the Center for California Real Estate's panel featuring technologists and real estate experts who provide insightful analysis on how professionals in the industry can effectively harness this technology.

AI in real estate: Prospects, challenges & future directions

In this report, panelists explored the way professionals conduct business, interact with clients, and utilize information and analytics during this revolutionary shift. They provided a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s immediate applications and long-term potential.

Housing 2024: The California Dream in Focus

Amid higher interest rates and increasing home prices, buyers and sellers have navigated through shifting market instability. To address the challenges facing California's residential real estate sector, the Center for California Real Estate gathered renowned economists and housing experts to provide a 2024 housing outlook in California.

Housing 2024: the California dream in focus

CCRE panelists delved into critical issues, from projecting Federal Reserve interest rate cuts to the challenges of affordability in a state grappling with limited housing supply. This CCRE-exclusive report laid out solutions for policymakers and stakeholders to consider for a healthy and vibrant future in California real estate.

Surviving Climate Whiplash: Statewide Solutions for Housing and Future Development

Shifting weather patterns are producing trends misaligned with historical data, making planning for the state’s water future increasingly challenging. This report outlines a summary from a panel of experts, convened by CCRE, discussing the impacts of climate change on California’s water systems and infrastructure. Exploring current challenges and possible solutions to confront “climate whiplash,” the topic precipitated a thought-provoking discussion on the state’s water future.

CCRE presents - surviving climate whiplash: statewide solutions for Housing and Future Development

CCRE panelists outlined a wide range of issues from droughts

and wildfires to water infrastructure and conservation all with the goal of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Golden State’s water supply.

This report is made available only by the Center for California Real Estate.

Who Gets to Call California Home?

California is the most diverse state in the nation, but the state’s housing crisis has heightened key challenges for younger generations, communities of color, and renters in general. This new research sponsored by CCRE, in partnership with leading demographer Dowell Myers from USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy and the Population Dynamics Research Group, covers dimensions of the housing crisis previously unexplored with independent research that addresses the heart of effective and equitable policies to improve the well-being of all Californians.

Who gets to call California home?

The report captures key demographic trends that will shape the housing market for years to come in California, so that real estate practitioners can best anticipate market conditions and understand dynamics that will impact the buying and selling of real estate. The data is provided to support decision-makers, legislators and the public as they shape the future of homes and housing in California. This report is made available only by the Center for California Real Estate.

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