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Helicopter drops water over wildfire

Californians and The Environment: PPIC Survey

As California homeowners across the state grapple with the impacts of climate change, resulting in excruciating heat waves that exacerbate wildfires and deluges of precipitation causing devastating flooding, residents are well aware of the ramifications of climate change.

This is reflected in a July 2023 survey from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), Californians and The Environment, which highlights how Golden State residents view climate change's impact on their lives and what lengths the state should go to address the challenges.

Among the findings from the report are results showing a strong majority of Californians support stricter environmental measures, even those that could curb economic growth. This comes at a time with the state facing budget shortfalls and the housing industry facing a challenging market from rising interest rates, higher constructions costs, and low supply.

In its 25th year of surveying California adults, PPIC also found:

  • An overwhelming majority say climate change is a top or one of the top concerns to them.

  • A large majority believe climate change has at least somewhat influenced the state’s recent extreme weather events.

  • Most believe stricter environmental laws and regulations in California are worth the cost and support the state’s efforts to switch to all renewable energy by 2045; yet, fewer than half are willing to pay those costs.

  • Almost all believe the conditions of oceans and beaches are major assets to the state’s economy and quality of life for its future.

You can find the full survey here.


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